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An encounter makes a good story about investment promotion

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An encounter makes a good story about investment promotion

  The picture shows the staff of Yichuan branch of Luoyang Jinjia fireproof glass Co.,Ltd.testing the products

  "In the past,my enterprise was located in the urban area,with small plants and large equipment,so I could not perform at all.I dared not accept orders.Thanks to brother Baojian,who led my enterprise to the industrial cluster of Yichuan County,I was able to develop freely.".

  Yesterday afternoon,various types of fireproof glass suitable for different occasions were being loaded out of the workshop in the industrial cluster area of Yichuan County.Shenjuntao,head of Yichuan branch of Luoyang Jinjia fireproof glass Co.,Ltd.,was full of gratitude when he saw that large trucks could directly drive into the finished product workshop.

  In fact,shenjuntao didn't know his"brother of the sword"at all.It's a coincidence that his enterprise can develop in Yichuan.

  Last year,zhangbaojian from the market development center of Yichuan County followed his classmates to visit Luoyang Jinjia fireproof glass Co.,Ltd.located in Luolong District,Luoyang City.He learned that the fireproof glass products produced by this enterprise fully comply with the national standards,and successfully passed the strict inspection of the national fireproof building material quality supervision and inspection center.It is a professional unit with more than ten years of experience in the research,development,production and application of fireproof glass.However,limited by the plant area,the enterprise has little room to expand reproduction.The person in charge,shenjuntao,is eager to find a suitable site around.

  At that time,zhangbaojian was moved.How wonderful it would be if we could have such an enterprise in Yichuan County?He immediately said to shenjuntao,"you can consider setting up a branch in Yichuan County.Our county is one of the 23 first batch of key counties open to the outside world determined by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government.It has developed transportation,is close to Luoyang City,and has superior geographical environment and rich resources."Zhangbaojian actively recommended Yichuan to shenjuntao.

  Subsequently,zhangbaojian contacted a factory located in the East Park of the industrial agglomeration area of Yichuan County for external rent,and immediately contacted shenjuntao to check on the spot.Shenjuntao was very satisfied after reading it.After determining the business site,zhangbaojian was busy helping enterprises sign house lease contracts,handle company registration and other businesses.Finally,the project was officially launched in May this year.

  After the Yichuan branch of Luoyang Jinjia fireproof glass Co.,Ltd.was put into operation,the production conditions and production environment have been greatly improved compared with those in the city.

  "Next,we will also consider moving the head office to Yichuan to make the enterprise bigger and stronger.".In the office of Yichuan branch,shenjuntao told us his next step.At the end of our interview,zhangbaojian received a phone call from a local business owner.He also came to Yichuan to investigate the site and was ready to move the enterprise to Yichuan to operate.

  "It was a pure accident.Luoyang Jinjia fireproof glass Co.,Ltd.invested and set up a branch in our county.As a native of Yichuan,I am very proud.I hope Luoyang Jinjia fireproof glass Co.,Ltd.can take a good lead,drive more enterprises to settle in Yichuan,and add stamina and vitality to the rapid,healthy and orderly economic development of Yichuan.I am also willing to run errands for them.".Zhangbaojian said.(gegaoyuan,dongjunfeng)

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